Canberra man conquers the Himalayas on a skateboard

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed.”I certainly not notion i would become on a mountain in Kashmir with my skateboard.”Stocki saw a Youtube video by Casey Neistat, a brash young filmmaker, entitled “Do What that you can’t” and he changed into additionally impressed by means of Jimmy Niggles, who installation Beard Season to elevate consciousness of epidermis cancer. He had discovered his the reason why.

“in order a awful skateboarder, I decided to try and destroy the area checklist.”

The Dalai Lama indications Aleks Stocki’s skateboard.


however there changed into more to it. in regards to the identical time he took up skateboarding as an adolescent, he started reading the teachings of the Dalai Lama.

“I’m now not a religious adult however I found his teachings very fine and uplifting. and that i all the time questioned what it would be like to meet him in person.”

And so Stocki decided to are attempting and tie the record-breaking attempt in with a gathering with the Dalai Lama.

“I firstly wanted to move skating with him, but he is 83, so they shot that concept down very promptly,” Stocki says.

“After a number of extra rejections they ultimately talked about if I may make it to India on this date, at this time, they’d see what they may do.”

Stocki met the Dalai Lama on August 30, the day after his list-breaking experience.

“It became an miraculous event,” Stocki says. “And to correct it off I chanced it through asking if he would signal a skateboard, and he did.

“I now have the best holy skateboard on the earth.

“he is keen on Guinness World information as well so I believe that helped too. I nevertheless can’t believe the way it just all got here together.”

Aleks Stocki skated at 5355m for the checklist-breaking effort


Stocki pointed out the toughest part of the complete journey turned into getting there. conditions had been inhospitable, loads of bureaucracy become concerned, and to qualify for the list he needed to line up engineers and govt officers to examine every thing once he become on the floor in Kashmir.

The experience itself changed into simplest about 92 metres, down a mud road, but the lack of oxygen at that height left him dizzy and exhausted.

And he nonetheless gets dizzy brooding about all the issues he achieved in the three-week shuttle. For the subsequent adventure, he’s planning on heading to Chile.

“The Andes may be the next mountains to overcome.”

Marseille AFP – Triple iciness Olympic champion Shaun White is on account that competing in skateboarding at the Tokyo games in 2020, he informed AFP whereas taking half in a professional experience in Marseille on Sunday.

The 31-yr-old American snowboard celeb has been skating because his early childhood and gained his first snowboard halfpipe gold at the Torino 2006 wintry weather Olympics.

471058cf3b3cd1ac67f6c4181e7e78d7.”actually, i am right here to see how issues go. I have not made a call either method, I simply figured, are looking to have some fun, skateboard, come to France and then optimistically make a call come new year if i am really going to move for it or now not,” he noted of the news he turned into concentrated on the 2020 summer season games.

1ea20bd595316786b90a70378bf8a36c.”The wintry weather Olympics for me just took place so, to finish mountaineering the mountain and to have a success like that and to have an additional mountain to climb with skateboarding, it be plenty.

d7c39295f8621838be4d8f06e986cb5e.”bodily, mentally and all these items so, I believe for me to have fun presently and get enthusiastic about it, after which set the purpose of going to the Olympics is how i’m going to do it.”

Skateboarding will make its Olympic bow in 2020 with a ‘Park’ and ‘highway’ event for each men and women selected by way of judges awarding aspects, but for many in the skateboard neighborhood the Olympic adventure is unwelcome.

081d59077ca9c2c8ba805b55852c3625.”I suppose it’s funny, it’s déjà vu of the identical component that came about to snowboarding. there is lots of people that desired it and loads of others that weren’t certain about what it might do to the game. and i don’t be aware of, for snowboarding, it turned into exquisite.

4e58c871eb4b292167ff06dc50cd0b7c,It brought loads of attention to the activity, it gave loads of legitimacy to athletes.”

– Skateboarding ‘greater technical’ –

White feels he is stronger at highway skate but is in Marseille competing in a bowl, or park adventure, both of which he describes as more technical than snowboarding.

3690d41fea49e0ab198679ef85063e30,It’s loopy, snowboarding is I believe like, every little thing is bigger. The halfpipe walls, seem to be, perhaps the optimum here is 12, 14 feet possibly, and snowboarding it’s 22 feet tall. So it’s an awful lot greater and you are strapped in so there is not any operating out of some thing, if you’re going to hit a start, you’re going, it’s occurring.

3e5c581979b31f0a044bcf0c95de2d3c.”however with skateboarding, it’s more technical. you could spin and flip, and the board can spin and flip. So I think there is much more concerned, and in that feel, it makes it tougher to finished a run. You know, there is so a great deal that can go imperfect,” observed White.

The sport is so new that the U.S. qualifiers for the four activities are yet to be decided upon.

87049515d93be60bf0df131a77aeaf37,i’m ready to get the phone name to tell me when the dates are.

bf3233d9f6ff1c52de2a3b648bbf8a1e,or not it’s the primary time it’s took place so it’s not stunning that the organisation… it’s a little slow, it’s new.

26b1ea3e373cbfc7fab3436c818c9,all and sundry’s trying to figure out where all of it matches and the way it really works collectively… and it’s cool, it’s respectable to be a part of that, the first time ever. and that i’m in reality excited.”